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Youth Workers Event Calendar

This is our major feature, thus far on this web site.

Click here for the latest calendar, in MS Word format


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.: a quick intro...

A web site for uniting Chicago through Jesus the Christ

The plan => building a network of networks in Chicago.  To Start - we'll focus on youth ministry.  But we'll add more info as presented to us.

For now, starts as a calendar...have information on yearly events, and offer people e-mails . (unlimited "aliases that redirect to your existing e-mail).  Limited number of mailboxes that you can access on the web.   They're free, but if no donations come in, then that may slow down or stop altogether.  If these are abused (i.e. SPAM is sent), they will be removed.

Not impressed?  Think this needs improvement?? GREAT! You can be a part of changing this website into something that can really further God's kingdom in Chicago.

For comments, contact mailto:jp (at)


categories of networks include (but not limited to):

  • hip hop
  • youth
  • youth workers
  • pastors
  • prayer



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